Kanoo Energy


Asset Management

In partnership with the world’s best manufacturers, Kanoo Energy’s asset management unit offers asset protection & preservation solutions, reverse engineering and additive manufacturing, engineering consultancy and non-chemical cleaning solutions.


Kanoo’s Subject Matter Expertise (SME) is focused on providing each customer with optimum, cost-effective, and user-friendly integrated solutions related to assets of any segment like oil & gas, power & desalination plants, manufacturing, etc.


Services offered:


  • Asset preservation, mothballing, and rig stacking (offshore and onshore) solutions
  • Rust removal and heavy-duty cleaning solutions
  • High performance coatings (temporary and permanent)
  • Above ground storage tank (AST) bottom plate corrosion protection
  • Offshore platform caisson legs internal protection
  • War readiness solution for defense 
  • Digital inventory solutions
  • Additive manufacturing
  • Consultancy and specialized turn-key projects
  • Software guided non-chemical cleaning solutions for online & offline equipment


Asset protection & Preservation Solution
Kanoo provides VpCI(Vapor phase Corrosion Inhibitors) preservation solutions for equipment like mechanical, static, rotary, electrical, piping vessels, etc. during transit, storage, construction, and temporary or permanent shutdown. 
Kanoo provides VpCI(Vapor phase Corrosion Inhibitors) comprehensive Mothballing solutions for oil & gas, power plants & manufacturing industries with the goal to keep assets corrosion-free ensuring they can be reinstated and operational by cost-effective solutions. Corrosion is a critical reason for idle equipment and assets, especially in the presence of moist, salt-laden air or fluctuating humidity that forms condensation on electrical systems, rotating equipment, hydraulics, bolts, valves, and motors.
Kanoo provides VpCI(Vapor phase Corrosion Inhibitors) complete rig stacking solutions for jack-up(offshore) or land rigs whether it is cold stacking or warm stacking.
Kanoo provides VpCI(Vapor phase Corrosion Inhibitors) rust removal products that are organic based with majority of them being biodegradable and non-hazardous, unlike inorganic acids that are harmful and toxic. VpCI's heavy duty degreaser/cleaners have the capability to clean the internals of tube bundles with high viscous contamination of any process medium, whether oil or water, especially for lube oil system, tube bundles, fin tubes, etc.
Kanoo provides VpCI(Vapor phase Corrosion Inhibitors) corrosion protection coatings. Experts at Kanoo Energy guide in product selection based on applications like removable and permanent coatings. Coatings are water and oil-based for short, medium, and long term protection.
Kanoo provides solutions using VpCI(Vapor phase Corrosion Inhibitors) products to protect the internals of offshore caisson platform legs. 
Kanoo provides VpCI(Vapor phase Corrosion Inhibitors) solutions as a second line of defense to protect the Above Ground Storage Tanks (AST) bottom plate from soil side corrosion. This technology is applied at three different stages: new construction,  shut down (major maintenance), and in-process.
Kanoo provides comprehensive preservation solutions to any of the Defense (Military, Air Force, and Navy) sections by practicing effective asset integrity management systems like corrosion risk assessment & planning, corrosion studies, corrosion consultancy, and corrosion monitoring systems (coupons, ER probes, etc.)
Reverse Engineering & Additive Manufacturing
Kanoo provides complete digital library services that involve creation of digital inventory spares that have high value, critical, obsolete parts, long delivery lead time, and minimum order quantities expected from OEM. 
Kanoo provides comprehensive reverse engineering services in 3D printing or additive manufacturing for any item irrespective of the geometry and complexity going through the three stages that are, implementation recovery, design recovery, and analysis recovery.
Engineering Consultancy & Projects
Non Chemical Cleaning