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Kanoo Energy’s  Instrumentation unit is the leader in the distribution of high quality instrumentation and flow control products and systems for oil and gas, petrochemical, marine and energy sectors. We offer solutions for measuring and analyzing moisture, oxygen, liquid, steam and gas flow with proven technologies that are well-known and widely deployed across industries. 


Our expertise in flow measurement, analyzer systems and automation controls provides the broadest range of solutions complemented by global engineering, project management expertise and after-sales support in all segments of the oil and gas industry. We are committed to offering long term service agreements with customers to protect their plants. 


Kanoo is associated with some of the best companies in the world who are experts in their field. We also add value to our principals’ products by providing local services and engineered solutions with the help of our team of trained engineers. 


Ultrasonic Flowmeter



Kanoo Energy offers a wide range of flow measurement instruments from in-line, wetted and clamp-on, to portable and insertion flow meter solutions for all of your flow measurement needs.


Committed in Improving plant safety, efficiency and profitability through accurate and reliable flow measurement.

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Flare Gas Flowmeter


Ultrasonic flare gas mass flow meters provide critical flow data and diagnostics reliably over a wide flow range (turn-down ratio) with an excellent low-end resolution to help improve the efficiency of petrochemical plants, refineries and offshore platforms.


Kanoo Energy focus on providing optimized flare operations, reducing emissions, and saving costs.

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Vortex Flowmeter



Widely chosen by customers for its reliability and accuracy, the Vortex Flowmeter also serves as a standard for steam applications due to its ease of installation and low maintenance costs. Where other meter technologies struggle in difficult high-pressure and high-temperature environments, the Vortex Flowmeter offers a wide range and a low-pressure drop, making it a top choice for flow professionals.


Vortex meters include both in-line and insertion modes, providing ease of installation for demanding applications, including:  

  • Hot-tap steam
  • Large lines
  • Areas of low pressure
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Process Analyzer



Kanoo Energy offers the best combination of technologies to deliver the measurements you need, for the applications that are relevant to your industry. Our moisture and gas analyzers are applicable across a wide variety of industries. 


We offer: 

  • Moisture measurement
  • Oxygen measurement
  • Hydrogen measurement
  • Sampling system design and configuration
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Coriolis Flowmeter


With highly accurate measurement performance and extreme capabilities, our meters are a natural choice for many applications and quickly provide payback through improved product quality and greatly reduced maintenance costs. Whether used for transfer, batching, process feed or control, our meters can provide online flow and density measurement.


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V-Cone Flowmeter


McCrometer flowmeters offer unbeatable value in cost of installation and ownership and serve a diverse market with flow measurement solutions to fit each customer’s application needs. Listening to customers and innovating unique solutions is our specialty.


McCrometer's V-Cone Flowmeter, an advanced dP meter, is used in many industrial applications where accuracy, low maintenance and cost are critical.

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Sampling System



Kanoo Energy is proud of its recognition as an expert in sampling systems for the chemical, petrochemical, and offshore industries worldwide. Dopak sampling systems set high international standards for closed loop and closed vent sampling systems. 

Dopak sampling systems offer safe working conditions for operators, they are safe for the environment and safe for the samples.

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Engineered Solution



Kanoo delivers technical superiority with a complete range of package automation solutions. Our expertise in flow measurement, analyzer system and automation controls provides the broadest range of solutions complemented by global engineering, project management expertise and after-sales support in all segments of the oil and gas industry.


Kanoo Energy design, supply, and install Custody Transfer Flow Metering Systems, analyzers packages, valve integration and industrial control automation system. 

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