Kanoo Energy


Consultancy – Fusing Engineering Expertise with digital tools

Kanoo, in partnership with Engineurs provides consultancy via fusing engineering expertise with digital tools:

  • Feasibility study
  • Risk and viability assessment
  • Support and strategy
  • Flawless execution
  • Long term operational excellence

Flawless Execution in Start Up Model (FLEX)

FLEX is designed to drive consistency and execute best practices. This tool helps your team monitor and maintain progress with a comprehensive activity audit trail and reporting insight dashboards. It ensures flawless execution at the crucial start up juncture to ensure the startup phase is on time, on budget, meeting performance guarantees, incident-free, and meeting stakeholder expectations.

Operator Electronic Log Book

The Operator Electronic Log Book is a simple but powerful tool that, when used properly, facilitates complete visibility throughout the project. Gain a bird’s eye view to prevent:

  • Misunderstanding who did what and when, tasks getting missed or duplicated, and lag in instructions
  •  Miscommunications or disruption in communication, Remote Operational Support (ROSS), introducing real-time operational management on-site or remote, ROSS is a unique technology that creates a strong foundation for operational excellence. 

ROSS helps users avoid:

Absence of KPIs, unlogged changes in operation, deviation from “best practices.” With features such as: real-time data capture, analysis and KPI reporting, statistical analysis of O&M data, AI-enabled to enhance proactive maintenance and operational excellence, integrated tools (energy management, and preventative maintenance.


Pulse Completion Management System

Kanoo is Engineurs’s supplier of Pulse CMS to the industrial sector which has been utilized on the pre-commissioning of the largest industrial gases facility in the world. 

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