Kanoo Energy



Corrosion Monitoring Under Insulation

Ajaruddeen Pyati

Project Engineer

Predictive Corrosion Monitoring Under Insulation

Kanoo Energy, in partnership with CorrosionRADAR, a company based in the United Kingdom, is working on providing remote risk monitoring and enabling condition data-based RBI (risk-based inspection) for corrosion under insulation (CUI). With its patented remote monitoring and predictive analytics software solutions, CorrosionRadar supplies the world’s longest-range CUI sensor monitoring system for critical assets such as pressure vessels, columns, heat exchangers, and pipelines. The patented system enables the move from manual inspection to automated monitoring and from reactive to predictive corrosion management. Early detection aids with corrosion prevention, lowering cost and risk. The monitoring system finds key uses in cold-duty insulation systems, which usually cannot be inspected during plant operations.


The solution includes permanently embedded, distributed moisture and corrosion sensors that are installed on the asset surface under the insulation on vessels and pipelines. These sensors and data loggers provide real-time data on asset health in relation to moisture or corrosive conditions under the insulation and its precise location, as shown on a software dashboard. The CorrosionRADAR system can localize the risk of corrosion under insulation early enough, thereby minimizing corrosion damage and allowing for early scheduling of inspection and repair. The system enables focused, efficient inspection and maintenance programs, a significant addition to the standard risk-based inspection (RBI) approach with data-driven inspection decisions.