Kanoo Energy


Reverse Engineering and Additive Manufacturing

Kanoo, in partnership with Imaginarium provides reverse engineering and additive manufacturing or 3D-printing

  • Additive manufacturing is one of the latest technologies adapted in the manufacturing revolution
  • Additive manufacturing, popularly known as 3D printing, is the production process by which a 3D CAD model is converted into a physical object by joining material layer by layer. In this process, no special tools like a cutting tool or mold are required as the part is directly manufactured or printed onto a print bed. Additive manufacturing is used for rapid manufacturing, rapid prototyping, and rapid tooling where a master is made via 3D printing. 
  • It is primarily used for building physical models, prototypes, patterns, tooling components, and production parts in plastics, metals, glass, ceramics, composites, and biomaterials. By opting for additive manufacturing, companies can streamline and expedite the product development process and use it as a product visualization tool helping them fine-tune every aspect of the design before putting it out in the market.
  • Additive manufacturing is used to make show or concept models, production parts, spare parts, rapid prototyping of a product, rapid manufacturing, and rapid tooling. In traditional subtractive or formative technologies, an object is manufactured by carving or shaping material into the desired object. With the aid of a computer-generated 3D model, the object is split into several cross sections and then built on the print bed by adding the material layer upon layer until the process is completed.

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