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Speciality Adsorbents And Catalyst

Mohammad Azharuddin

Sales Manager

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Kanoo Energy provides various adsorbents and catalysts, with a major focus on the oil and gas, petrochemical, and chemical industries. Catalysts are a game-changer in processes, and our experts can help you achieve the desired results.


Our products are utilized in the production of natural gas, sulfur, olefins, hydrogen peroxide, petrochemicals, aromatics, and catalysts.

Area of applications:

  • Natural gas treatment
  • Petrochemical purification
  • Compressed air drying
  • SRU and TGTU catalysts
  • Refining, chemical, and petrochemical catalysts

Technical Solution:

Our technical solutions encompass a wide range of options for natural gas treatment, including appropriate solvents, absorbents, and catalysts. Additionally, we provide support for the design and operation of gas treatment plants, offering process design and engineering support as well as various technical services such as debottlenecking, process optimization, troubleshooting, revamps, analytics, and training.