About us

About us

Kanoo Energy (a division of Kanoo Industrial & Energy) operating for over two decades, provides end-to-end has operated for over two decades, providing end-to-end solutions for diverse industrial applications. They provide sustainable solutions to utility companies, refineries, petrochemicals, aviation, and the GCC industrial sector as a whole through smart engineering and value-added services. They are recognized recognized across the region for bringing customized value-added solutions through a well-developed network of reputed manufacturers worldwide and extensive relationships with international associates, supported locally by highly qualified multinational engineering staff.

The group’s adept and seasoned staff crafts engineered solutions that rigorously adhere to local regulations while fully aligning with international engineering standards and best practices.

Our History

Since its inception in 1890 as a single-person trading operation, Kanoo Group has become one of the most trusted and diversified family-owned multinational companies in the Arabian Gulf region.

With a physical presence across the Middle East, Africa, Europe, and Asia and a skilled workforce, the group operates across a broad range of sectors through a portfolio of complementary businesses and strategic partnerships.

Our Commitment & Vision

Kanoo Energy being a responsible player within the energy sector, builds solutions that dovetail with the global and regional attempts to harness technology driven by innovation. A key pillar in this journey is the aim to achieve a 15% reduction in carbon emissions by 2030.

The 2021 UN IPCC report reiterated that collectively, the world needs to reduce global greenhouse gas emissions to half the amount by 2030 and reach net zero mark before 2050.

We are also conscious of our role in supporting Saudi Arabia to achieve its goals to limit global warming. At Kanoo Energy, we recognize the need for transformational change to address the climate crisis, a transformation that will require extensive cross-industry collaboration by engaging only in the best practices.

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