Inspection & Repair Services

Inspection & Repair Services

Inspection & Repair Services

Kanoo Energy Rotating Equipment team has completed several inspection & repairs for a wide range of rotating equipment across a broad range of industries, plants across Saudi Arabia.  the range of our inspection and repair services is listed below but not limited to. The experience and expertise gained over years reflects in our approach, diagnosis, repair services to ensure the parts are reinstated to expected working condition and as per the applicable quality and standards.

Drilling Mud Pumps

Drilling Mud Pump for Inspection & Repair

Scope of work: 

  • Inspection 
  • Dismantling
  • Repair of plungers in-house & replaced.
  • Inspection of diesel generator.
  • Assembly & testing.

Inspection & Repair of Screw Pump

Services Offered
  • Visual Inspection of pump skid
  • Tried to rotate the shaft by hand. It rotated very easily.
  • Pump does not rotate with motor.
  • Remove the coupling to check the motor solo run.
  • Start the motor for solo run. It was working
  • Install the coupling to start the pump.
  • Open the tie rod of stator to remove the air between rotor and Stator
  • Rotate the Rotor and Stator 2 times
  • Tighten the tie rod and align the stator.
  • Start the motor but pump does not rotate again.
  • Dismantle the pump to check the stator and rotor condition
  • Found stator and rotor damaged


Reciprocating Compressors

Services Offered
  • Authorized Service Partner for Kanoo for Gardner Denver High Pressure Compressors
  • Complete overhaul of Legacy Reciprocating Air compressors from industry leading OEM; Gardner Denver.
  • Compressor has not been in motion 5+ years. 
  • Limited data found in Manual.


Scope of work:

  • Replacement of OEM Supplied Spare parts.
  • Reconditioning of valves & packing cases.
  • Fabrication and machinery of legacy spare parts.
  • Honing & NDT of Cylinders
  • Assembly
  • Testing.
  • Painting

Gear Boxes


YBA Kanoo Service Team is certified for overhauling & troubleshooting Gardner Denver blower for Sabic Saudi Kayan

Scope of Work
  • Submission of detail Inspection and test plan for approval. 
  • Submission of detail plan for activity with duration 
  • Disassembly of blower connections. 
  • Received blower from customer at KANOO W/S 
  • Inspection of base frame and conducting resonance check 
  • Complete disassembly of blower. 
  • Inspection of all components 
  • Balancing of shaft, coupling with impellers 
  • Re-assembly of blower in accordance with OEM guidelines and clearances 
  • Delivering the blower to customer site 
  • Field installation of blower 
  • New motor installation-supplied by customer 
  • Motor solo run on site 
  • Motor to blower alignment correction with Laser kit 
  • Field run test and equipment handover 
  • Submission of detail report 

Repair / refurbishment of couplings

Scope of Work

With Regal Rexnord – Kop Flex Slovakia facility, we can do repair / refurbishment of couplings (API-671) for Kop Flex , Rexnord & Goodrich Couplings, within short period of time along with same warranty as new coupling.

Repaired & Recertification done for 05 High Performance API-671 Couplings for Saudi Chevron – Jubail

YBA Kanoo Workshop Jubail have executed repair of API-610 standard couplings

Scope of Work : Making keyways & local assembly of KD Series type of couplings under Kop Flex quality supervision.

Steam Traps

YBA Kanoo Rotating Equipment Division support customers on providing TLV Certified – Field Service Engineers available 24/7 on call.

  • 100 % genuine spare parts.
  • Steam Trap Survey

Replacement of Non-OEM steam traps.

Overhauling for 5 Allweiler PC pumps- Feed Pumps

Scope of Work
  • Received semi-dismantled Pumps from Customer. 
  • Clean the all-usable parts of 5 Nos (Rotor, pump casing, bearing housings, Coupling and shaft) 
  • Install the Inpro seal in bearing housings 2 Nos of each pump 
  • Install bearing and stationery part of bearing housings 3 Nos of each pump 
  • Install the stator in the pump casing 
  • Lubricate the screws and stator by gear oil for installation 
  • Install the screws in the pump 
  • Install rotating part of mechanical seal in screws 1 Nos of each pump 
  • Install the bearing housing in the pump shaft 
  • Install and tighten the bearing lock nuts 
  • Install the bearing housing cover and tighten the bolts 
  • Install the back cover of the stator 
  • Install and tighten the tie rod 
  • Install and tighten the oil level sight glass and drain side glass 
  • Install the blind flanges at suction and discharge side for hydro test 
  • Hydro test performance: by water, duration 30 minutes, Pressure 130 psi

Centrifugal Pumps

Repair of Centrifugal Pump for Saudi Irrigation Organization – KSA

Scope of work: 

  • Replacement of Shaft (Manufactured in Kanoo Jubail workshop)
  • Replacement of Impeller
  • Replacement of Bearings along with Mechanical Seal.
  • Balancing  03rd
  • Installation – alignment & start up at site.

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