Onsite Store

Onsite Store

Onsite Store

Kanoo Industrial & Energy – Safety Business Unit currently operates three Onsite PPE stores at Ma’aden.

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Ma’aden operates a fully integrated facility at Ras Al Khair with a Bauxite and Refinery plant, smelter plant, Rolling Mill and a Can recycling plant. This is the only plant in the world which has the end-to-end Aluminium production integrated at one site.  

The first store was set up for Ma’aden Aluminium Smelter plant in 2019 and has been operating successfully for over four years. Based on service levels, employee feedback and site safety compliance, two additional store contracts were awarded one each for Rolling Mill & Bauxite and refinery units.

The onsite PPE store caters to head-to-toe personal protective equipment and workwear, being strategically located onsite within the customer facility, is operated by Kanoo staff and distribute PPE one-to-one basis to all employees of Ma’aden /contracted staff in compliance to issue protocol prescribed by Ma’aden HSE department.

Ma'aden Rolling Company Since Nov 2021

Ma'aden Aluminium Company Since Oct 2019

Ma'aden Bauxite & Alumina Company Since Jan 2023

Scope of Supply


Head, Face & Ears


Feet & Legs



Benefits to Customer with Kstore Model

Outsourced to Kanoo for contracted PPE No POs issued by customer

No expediting by customer Kanoo to stock as per agreed min-max levels

Size-based PPE ordered as per staff data/database precise size ordering

No inventory wasted due to wrong sizes or ordering/excess stocks

High availability & traceability of PPE issued customer not impacted due to global supply chain issues

One-to-one issuance of PPE via on-site store controlled issuance with ID checks

Pay-as-you-consume, customers pay only for what is issued to staff : better use of capital

Standardization as per plant PPE compliance

Compliant to local import regulations

Readily available reports & dashboards to drive business metrics

Meet your emergency & maintenance/new hire requirements

15-20 % savings to customer in year 1 financial KPIs met YOY

Onsite PPE Physical Store –Space Required, Layout Design & Racking Systems

Ma’aden Recognitions

Departmental Bulk Issuances

Kstore software has the ability to fulfill your requirements related to shutdown and maintenance activities.

In case of an anticipated shutdown activity, if the concerned department provides us the required quantity of PPE listed in an excel sheet with quantity, onsite team will prepare the PPE in advance and deliver it to you at your department.

The transaction of all the listed PPE with quantities will be issued against the department manager for traceability and accounting, with the request available in the system as a scanned document.

Managing Third Party Stocks

Kstore software can assist with two kinds of issuances. PPE stocks that are procured and stored at site by Kanoo, and PPE stocks that are procured by the customer themselves and handed off to Onsite store.

For example if the customer procures summer drinks, water bottles, Medical gloves, or any other specialized PPE, the system has the capability to take these into the system as third party stocks, and distribute to employees or departments via an authorized issuance form.

These stocks will have the same traceability and accounting like Kanoo stocks, but these will be excluded at the time submitting proforma invoice to the customer

Visitor Kits/ Trial Room

Your facility may be visited by staff from other offices or locations, possibly from other regions outside KSA. We hold special visitor kits – complete sets of head to toe PPE as well as workwear that are issued to the visiting staff based on requests from HSE or departments. These PPE kits are retrieved back once the visit is completed, washed and reinstated into the KIT section to be issued to other visitors in the future.

We also have provisioned an area within the onsite store for trial of PPE, workwear to check the fitting. The trial room is a secluded area within the onsite store, where workwear of all sizes in hangers and the staff can try out the sizes that fit them sizes that fit them perfectly. The staff can also try out all size based PPE or workwear before these are issued to them as listed in their PPE request, the sizes are also updated in the Kstore software should we see any differences

Weekly Availability Reports

PPE Compliance at your site, plant or facility is our highest priority. 24/7/365 availability is our focus and goal to ensure non-stop operations at your plant. We do this by maintaining the stocks as per minimum – maximum levels provided by you/HSE department for all PPEs. We also classify the entire list of PPE for your site as mandatory and non-mandatory. Mandatory PPE are those without which your employees cannot go to their workplaces or areas.

We send out weekly availability reports to HSE department with quantities available in stocks at the onsite store as well as the Kanoo Main store. This report ensures that we meet or exceed the goals set by you to ensure continuous availability of PPE.

We have been recognized and awarded multiple certificates for service delivery and maintaining high availability of PPE, You may please visit our awards/ recognitions section for mode information.

Spend Analysis Reports

Kstore software can also provide your management, department managers, HSE department with spend analysis report for a  specific date range. This report is real-time and can be downloaded in the form of an excel document. The report is structured to provide you the value spent on PPE by cost center, department zone. Department, zone, type of PPE, own versus contractor staff,  exception issuances if any etc.

In addition to the spend value analysis report, the software can also provide you real-time dashboard of the total transactions for a specific date range or up to one or several years based on selected parameters (cost center, Zone, Type of employee etc.)

Unique Feature of the Kstore Operating Model

Advantages & Benefits to Maaden

  • Outsourced procurement to Kanoo
  • No PO issuance or expediting
  • No investment in inventory
  • No wastage of inventory
  • On demand PPE at site, based on availability round the clock
  • Bulk issuance to cater to shutdown, emergency maintenance operations
  • 15 to 20% savings per year in PPE consumption

Operating Model

  • No purchase orders from Ma’aden
  • Kanoo stocks contracted PPE onsite at the store
  • Issue PPE to all staff over an authorized PPE issuance form
  • Ma’aden pays to Kanoo based on monthly PPE consumed
  • Ma’aden pays Kanoo a nominal service fee for operating the store

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