Non - Industrial Products

Non - Industrial Products

Non - Industrial Products

Following the principles of the ISO 9001:2015, quality management system guidelines and maintaining the ethics and code of conduct of the Kanoo organization the team focuses on customer satisfaction through timely deliverance and participation in numerous queries on the various assorted products.

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Presently it focuses on its supply services to Saudi Aramco as they are their main customer among others. Kanoo Industrial supplies department also provides a base to overseas suppliers to partner in this reliable venture to serve major customers in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It also ensures timely payments to its partners and suppliers, in order to form a reliable and trustworthy base overseas for the required supplies. Having the group heritage of business experience spanning over 130 years in the Middle East region and successful relationship of 70 years with Saudi Aramco –  along with vast support system of logistics, custom clearance and warehousing, the department has been successful in developing long term supply chain bond between its suppliers and the major customers within the Kingdom. This department is keen to grow further in the future, based on the mutual trust they share.

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