Rotating Equipment

YBA Kanoo Energy Rotating Equipment Executed Several Repairs & Services for Pumps

LSTK contract executed: Supply & replacement of steam traps

Sabic – Petrokemya – Utility: 29 traps (Competitor trap to TLV) – 2022

Sabic – Petrokemya – PE: 63 traps (12 Pcs. Competitor trap to TLV) – 2021

Sabic – Ar Razi – 190 traps (160 TLV to TLV) (30 Competitor trap to TLV) – 2023

Saudi Aramco – Riyadh Refinery: 870 traps – Competitor trap to TLV – 2022 


Inspection & Repair of Screw Pump

Client: LANTANIA Jubail 3A 

Project Site: Jubail 3A Independent Water Plant Project 

Project Owner: Jazlah Water Desalination Company 

Visual Inspection of Pump Skid
  • Tried to rotate the shaft by hand. It rotated very easily.
  • Pump does not rotate with motor.
  • Removed the coupling to check the motor solo run.
  • Started the motor for solo run. It was working
  • Installed the coupling to start the pump.
  • Opened the tie rod of stator to remove the air between rotor and Stator
  • Rotated the Rotor and Stator 2 times
  • Tightened the tie rod and aligned the stator.
  • Started the motor but pump does not rotate again.
  • Dismantled the pump to check the stator and rotor condition
  • Found stator and rotor damaged 

Filter Feed Pump (PC ALLWEILER)

Client: JIGPC – Roto Flow 

Subject: Overhauling for 5 Allweiler PC pumps 

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  • Received semi-dismantled Pumps from Customer. 
  • Cleaned the all-usable parts of 5 Nos (Rotor, pump casing, bearing housings, Coupling and shaft) 
  • Installed the Inpro seal in bearing housings 2 Nos of each pump 
  • Installed bearing and stationery part of bearing housings 3 Nos of each pump 
  • Installed the stator in the pump casing 
  • Lubricated the screws and stator by gear oil for installation 
  • Installed the screws in the pump 
  • Installed rotating part of mechanical seal in screws 1 Nos of each pump 
  • Installed the bearing housing in the pump shaft 
  • Installed and tightened the bearing lock nuts 
  • Installed the bearing housing cover and tightened the bolts 
  • Installed the back cover of the stator 
  • Installed and tightened the tie rod 
  • Installed and tightened the oil level sight glass and drain side glass 
  • Installed the blind flanges at suction and discharged side for hydro test 
  • Hydro test performance: by water, duration 30 minutes, Pressure 130 psi

Saudi Aramco

Inspection & Repair API-676 Rotary Positive Displacement Pumps 

Client: Saudi Aramco

Project Site: Expand Asphalt Production Facilities at Rtr Project

Visual Inspection
  • Dismantled the pump step by step as per OEM 
  • Timing gears were found jammed with each other. 
  • Removed timing gears 
  • Screw set and insert case were jammed with each other. 
  • Used puller to remove the screw sets from the insert unit since it was jammed inside the casing. 
  • Cleaned all parts (insert unit, pump casing, screws set, seal plate, seals, bearing housings) and remove crud
  • Inspected all parts as per OEM standards. 

JSTPP – Jeddah

Client: JSTPP – Jeddah

Customer: Saudi Electricity Company

Subject: Slop Oil Pump Installation

Visual Inspection of Old Pump Skid at Site and Made A Plan as to How To Remove
  • New pump skid inspection conducted in warehouse
  • Disconnected the motor connection to remove the motor
  • Remove the entire foundation bolt to remove the whole skid from the area
  • Loosened the skid frame from grouting/ concrete by removing it with hydraulic jack
  • Removed the motor from the skid using the boom track. Since the boom track cannot lift the skid due to the heavy weight; we had to  request for the crane
  • Removed the skid frame by using the crane
  • Cleaned and cracked the grouting using the Hilti machine
  • Prepared the foundation/ concrete to install the new pump skid and match it as per old piping connection. 


Size of foundation 2100mm x 1000mm x 200 mm

  • Made the layout and marking on new foundation to install the new pump skid
  • Made the hole (M16) on foundation for anchor bolt – each skid 10 Nos
  • Installed the new pump skid on new foundation, levelled it and tightened the foundation bolt

Kanoo Rotating Equipment Division Success stories – Jubail Workshop

O/H of Reciprocating Air/Gas Compressors

Scope of Work

Gardner Denver

  • Authorized Service Partner for Kanoo for Gardner Denver High Pressure Compressors
  • Complete overhaul of Legacy Reciprocating Air compressors from industry leading OEM; Gardner Denver.
  • Compressor has not been in motion for 5+ years.
  • Limited data found in Manual.

Scope of work

  • Replacement of OEM Supplied Spare parts.
  • Reconditioning of valves & packing cases.
  • Fabrication and machinery of legacy spare parts.
  • Honing & NDT of Cylinders
  • Assembly
  • Testing
  • Painting

Inspection & Troubleshooting of Instrument Air Compressor N53-K-004A Saudi Aramco Turaif

  • Dismantled the air end from SPF-A & shifted it to Aramco workshop facility
  • Removed the coupling and inspected.
  • Gearbox dismantled, found axial and radial play in gearbox bearings – thus decided to replace the bearings
  • Checked the driver gear teeth – it was worn out.
  • 1st stage screws bearing replaced drive end side
  • 1st stage Male & Female rotors 2 bearings QJ206-MPA-C3 replaced
  • Replaced main driver gear including bearings
  • Bearings deep groove ball SKF- 6211-C3 & angular contact ball bearings SKF BVN-7118

On-Going Long Term Service Contracts:

1.Saudi Electricity Company: EOA (118 Compressors)

  • Including: Atlas Copco – Ingersoll Rand (Cameron & Centac) Compressors & Gardner Denver Compressor.

2. Saudi Aramco Non-Conventional Gas Resource Turaif (11 Compressors)

  • Including: Gardner Denver – CompAir Instrument Air Compressors

Current Projects for Compressor Replacements:

1. Saudi Electricity Company: Shoaibah Power Plant

  • Scope of Work: Supply & Installation of New Compressors 04 Nos of (Atlas Copco)


2.  Saudi Electricity Company: Rabigh Power Plant

  • Scope of Work: Supply & Installation of New Compressors 04 Nos of (Atlas Copco)

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