Valve Sizing & Selection

Valve Sizing & Selection

A Control Valve performs a crucial task, controlling the flow of fluids within a system so a process variable such as fluid pressure, level, or temperature can be controlled. In addition to controlling the flow, a control valve may be used to shut off or regulate the required flow. A control valve may be defined as a valve with a powered actuator that responds to an external signal.

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The signal usually comes from a controller. The controller and valve together form a basic control loop. The control valve is seldom fully open or closed but is in an intermediate position, controlling the flow of fluid through the valve. In this dynamic service condition, the valve must withstand the erosive effects of the flowing fluid while maintaining an accurate position to maintain the process conditions and variables.

A Control Valve will perform these tasks satisfactorily if it is sized correctly for the flowing and shut-off conditions. The valve sizing process determines the required CV, FL, Flow Velocities, Flow Noise, and the appropriate Actuator Size.

We offer our customers services to help with value sizing and selection in order to procure, install, and operate the right kind of valve.


We offer technical and hands-on training in-house and at the customer site. This helps engineering, maintenance, and technicians understand the product, its utilization, and its application, enabling them to do routine maintenance, testing, and troubleshooting.

Repair, retrofit, and upgrade of valves.


To be one stop shop for complete requirement of process industry Flow Line products with highest quality with competitive pricing.


In an ongoing effort to meet the ever-changing needs of our customers and emerging market demands we encourage collaboration and innovation pursuing continual improvement.


We are offering in-house Sizing, Selection and troubleshooting for the valves.

Offering Genuine OEM Parts:

We do in-house replacement part# assessment to cater the customer to purchase the correct replacement. This gives longer lasting components, less down time & lower maintenance costs.

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We offer Technical & hands-on training in-house and at customer site. This helps engineering, maintenance & technicians to understands the product, its utilization & application enabling them to do routine maintenance, testing & trouble shooting.

  • Repair, retrofit & upgrade of valves.

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