Quality Policy

Quality Policy

The Directors, Management and Staff of the Yusuf Bin Ahmed Kanoo Company Limited (“YBAK”) are committed to continually improving the Company’s business performance, remaining customer focused and delivering sustainable excellence.

To accomplish this, we shall:

  • Endeavour to exceed customers’ and stakeholders’ requirements and compliance to the applicable statutory and regulatory requirements.
  • Ensure that quality objectives are established, measured, reviewed, and improved to enrich the overall customer experience.
  • Ensure, through the provision of education and training, that staff have the competence and knowledge to perform their duties effectively, efficiently, and consistently to achieve our quality standards.
  • Encourage collaboration and innovation in pursuing continual improvement.
  • Maintain the commitment and engagement of all staff towards implementing the quality management system through regular and consistent communication.


To achieve our business objectives, it is YBA Kanoo’s policy to maintain an efficient and effective Quality Management System, and continually improve its effectiveness, based on the requirements of ISO 9001:2015standard.

Health, Safety & Environment Policy

The Directors, Executive Committee Members, Management and Staff of the Company recognize their responsibility for the prevention of work-related injury and ill health, pollution & waste, appropriate to the company’s operations, code of conduct and to the specific nature of its Occupational Health & Safety (OH&S) Risks & Opportunities, including the nature, scale and environmental impacts of its activities, products & services and are committed to:

  • establish, implement, and maintain an effective OH&S and Environment Management System based on ISO 45001 & ISO 14001 standard requirements, industry best practices, any other customer specific requirements and continually improve it to enhance OH&S and Environmental performance.
  • provide safe and healthy working conditions.
  • provide a framework for setting the OH&S and environmental objectives and periodically review with the OH&S hazards, environmental impacts identified in the activities and locations under our responsibility.
  • Fulfil, comply with all applicable legal and other requirements.
  • eliminate hazards and reduce OH&S risks, protection of the environment, including prevention of pollution and compliance obligations.
  • engagement, consultation, and participation of employees, encourage to report OH&S and environment concerns and train people working for or on behalf of the company, regarding their obligation toward minimizing OH&S risks and environmental impacts.
  • select suppliers, contractors, outsourced manufacturers, and service providers who are committed to complying with OH&S and environment requirements.
  • support and cooperate with our customers, business partners and government agencies in their OH&S and environmental programs.


CEOs of business divisions will have the overall responsibility to ensure effective implementation of the OH&S and Environment management system by providing adequate resources, setting, and reviewing objectives for continual improvement in OH&S and environment performance and cooperating with all stakeholders.

The HSE Policy shall be reviewed regularly, updated when needed, appropriately communicated, and made available to all staff and interested parties to make them aware of their individual obligations.

ISO 9001 Certificate

ISO 14001 Certificate

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